Hi everyone!

Despite my best efforts, I am sick. I took all the vitamins I could, but there was no stopping the cold that has been spreading around all of the students in my program. I am doing much better though. I did have to miss my trip this past weekend to Sevilla, but no worries, my sister Karissa is coming this week and we will be traveling to Sevilla this weekend. To catch everyone up I will do a brief update of the last week.

Last Sunday I went to the festival of San Cecilio and had paella for the first time. It was delicious! I also saw some flamenco dancing and just walked around.

I also finished my first full week of classes which means orientation is over! We ended our last class with another walk around the city and had this great view overlooking the entire city.

I spent most of the weekend at home resting. There isn’t much to report on that, but this week should be interesting. I finalize my class schedule, Karissa comes tomorrow night, and we travel to Sevilla on Thursday. I will make sure to post something when we get back.



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