One Long Week


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Hi everyone,

I know it has been awhile since I have done any updates so I decided to spend some time today talking about my recent trip to Sevilla with my sister Karissa and about my first week of classes.

My sister came to visit me for two days in Granada. We visited the Alhambra and I basically showed her the city and introduced her to my friends on the program. We had some great vegetarian food at a local restaurant and ran around the city trying to see everything in a short time. We also had lunch with my host mother.

On Thursday we went to Sevilla, the city was beautiful and we had some great weather for walking around the city. We saw the cathedral (the largest Gothic cathedral I believe) it was very impressive with lots of statues and this crazy oval room that gave me a bit of a headache. We also went to the Real Alcazar (a palace still in use) there were all these beautiful tile mosaics that are bright, colorful and intricate. We also saw the bull fighting ring from the outside and we went to the Plaza de Espana (where a scene from star wars was shot). We were able to see a lot in a few short days and we met some nice people at the hostel we stayed at. Overall it was a great weekend, but I was definitely tired when I came home.

This past week has been extremely busy, I had my first full week of classes, which included trying out classes at the University of Granada, as well as finishing my applications for internship funding through CMC. In total I was taking 7 classes and needed to drop two. My final schedule includes: Women in Mediterranean Literature, Spain and the European Union (at the university), Contemporary Spanish Theater, Islamic Art and Architecture, and my Spanish language class. For the most part my schedule is nice, the only difficult day is Tuesday where I have class from 8:45 till 5:30 and no time for lunch, but the good part of my schedule includes finishing my week on Thursday at 2. I will be able to have a nice long weekend. I look forward to all of my classes they all seem great. This first week has included: a trip to the Alhambra museum, a Australian dance show, and reading some great Spanish poetry. Overall I am really happy with my choices.

As for the rest of my week here, it has been gloomy and cold. I have had really long days, but I think next week will be much better. It looks like it will get warmer and I don’t have so many classes and I have a long weekend.

As for the picture problem, I want to post more than just one picture so I need to find somewhere else to display them because this blog won’t let me. I’ll update everyone when I have a photo blog.

I miss everyone from home. I will try to do another update soon.



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