I am finally finishing my week and I though I would write a little bit about my weekend in Lisbon. When talking about the places I wanted to visit while abroad, Portugal was not very high on my list. But on the long weekend I didn’t have any plans and a few of my friends found a planned trip to Lisbon. For any of my friends coming to Europe next year, you should keep an eye out for the Erasmus groups for student traveling.

The trip included a bus to and from Portugal (10 hours, not exactly perfect but much less expensive then flying) a room in a hostel, and a tour guide with entrance to most of the attractions. We arrived Friday morning and spend the day walking around the city. It was sunny and perfect for walking and taking pictures. On Saturday a group went sightseeing outside the city, but I decided to stay in the capital and walk around. A few of us went to a flea market and walked along the water. We also spent part of the day watching the protest in the streets, it was more of a parade then a true protest, but that just made it more interesting to watch. It was a very relaxing day and a nice break from the busy weekend. Sunday we went to the cost and saw a Cathedral where Vasco de Gama is buried and we walked to a tiny tower on the shoreline. The best part of the trip was the food! It was delicious especially the desserts of course. As a whole I loved the city and the people even though I struggled to understand Portuguese. I also got a chance to meet students who weren’t in my IES program.

Getting back at 3 in the morning on Monday was a rough start to my week, but I think it was well worth the trip. This weekend will be much more relaxing. I just spent the day in Cordoba and saw the beautiful chapel within a mosque. It really is quite amazing. I recommend googling it because none of the pictures I took do it justice. In just two weeks I have spring break and I will be going to Oslo, Stockholm and Copenhagen with my sister. Until then I won’t be posting about my travels but if I have time I will be posting about my daily life in Granada. My friends from home are getting ready for their semesters abroad and I think its time I should give some tips and advice for preparation.  ImageImageImageImage


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