New Project


On Monday I was told that my co-worker, the coordinator to the Unemployed Youth program I was working with, will be leaving the organization in a few short weeks. Since my current projects depended on her input and follow through, I was worried that the work I was doing would not help the organization in this time of transition. I was also surprised to hear that the organization had not yet found a replacement for the position. When talking to my co-worker, she expressed concern over the stress of completing her work and leaving the program in a good position so that whoever took over was able to understand the responsibilities and needs of the program. After a long discussion, she explained what she wanted to do before she left the organization and together we came up with a plan for a new project that would detail the current status of the program and all projects as well as responsibilities and procedures. I am excited about this project because it will help the organization with a new procedure for when an employee leaves and will help settle my coworkers nerves about leaving the program. I spent most of the week deciding on the correct format, pertinent information and helping my co-worker organize her thoughts and files before starting to write the report.
Over the weekend I took a trip to Baviaanskloof with two other interns and the founder of Ready4Life. This was a chance to see some stunning nature away from the cities and the touristic attractions. The nature reserve has beautiful landscapes, wildlife and unpaved roads that require a 4X4 truck. Other than enjoying the scenery, our group got a chance to have some great conversations regarding our time in South Africa. My favorite part of the weekend was getting the chance to hear about the founding of Ready4Life and the vision and goals of the organization. She told me about what motivated her to start the very first program of the organization and how she became a development worker. I got to ask about the structure of the organization and her position on the board. I am glad I got the chance to get to know her and get some advice and opinions about my own future. The weekend was a great chance to relax and return to PE with a new perspective.


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