Saying Goodbye


              It is now a few weeks later and I have finished the handover notes that my coworker and I have compiled and she is now having her last day with the organization. She tells me it is bittersweet to leave the organization that has given her so much, but now that she has completed this project she feels confident in leaving the program. I am also feeling bittersweet about her departure, on the one hand I am extremely proud of her and on the other I know her absence will be missed by the organization. Her experience is one that I hope everyone who works with the organization has. She first started off as a participant of the Unemployed Youth program and then became a facilitator before she took up her role as coordinator of the program. She has thrived in the organization and excelled at her job. She is now leaving Ready4Life to work with another nonprofit that works in the townships that has offered her a position as the head of educational programs. I am so excited to hear about her progress and truly believe she has such a bright future ahead of her. I think she is the perfect example of a success story for the organization and proof that their training works to help empower the participants to find new opportunities and learn valuable life skills. I am thankful to have worked so closely with her and to learn more about her own experiences with the organization.

            Her last day was spent in our regular Friday meetings with the facilitators where we gave feedback on presentations and discussed updates and what would happen in the next few weeks. I was also able to catch up with the facilitators about their groups. Most of them just had their graduation the week before. I was excited to hear that the one group I had been working closely with during my time here had all students pass the course. This was the group I went to lunch with in my first few weeks. I also got a chance to attend one of their session in which we held mock interviews to help students prepare for future job opportunities. I was even told that some of the students found job and had started that week. I was so proud of them and glad to see that they were able to get the most out of the course. During the meeting I noticed that the facilitators were sad to see my coworker go, but they were also excited for the new challenges they would face with a new leader and with more responsibility to continue the program.

This was the group I followed during my time in PE. This was taken on the day I conducted mock interviews.

This was the group I followed during my time in PE. This was taken on the day I conducted mock interviews.




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