About Me


5 things about me at school:

-I am an International Relations Major focusing on human rights

-I attend Claremont Mckenna in California

-I work in the kitchen of the Athenaeum (a restaurant/event space) on campus

-My favorite course was my religion class on Race, Religion, and Civil Rights Movements

-I will be graduating in May of 2014… scary


5 things about me at home:

-I am from Anaheim, Califronia

-I love baseball and am a big Angels fan

-I go to Disneyland at least once a year

-I love going to the beach, sailing and soaking in the California sunshine

-I have a big family who likes to know what I am up to… this blog is mostly for you guys


5 things about my travels:

-I have been to 21 countries

-I spent most of 2013 abroad in Spain and interning in Northern Ireland

-I traveled most of Western Europe with my family, particularly my older sister who was studying in Germany while I was in Spain (together we have been to 14 countries)

-I am now in South Africa for the summer doing an internship

-I hope to move abroad when I graduate


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